10k Challenge – Terms & Conditions 

This document is divided in to several sections.

A. Key Definitions

B. Key Points 

C. Background 

D. Outline Of Service 

E. Terms & Conditions  

F. Schedule Of Services

A. Key Definitions

Artist – music artist signing up for the 10k Challenge

Company – Rocket Fuel (trading under Resound Media Ltd) and Lurnex (trading under Third Floor Productions Limited) – both companies have the registered office address, 255 Poulton Road, Wallasey, United Kingdom, CH44 4BT. 

ETraining (Rocket Fuel Academy) is provided by Lurnex.
The Rocket Fuel Platform and subsequent services are delivered by Resound Media Ltd.  

Partners – Any parties working in partnership with Rocket Fuel / Lurnex. 

Service – The 10k Challenge is a learning experience, training, consulting and crowdfunding program for Artists’s wanting to access further services and support from Company, whilst also raising funds for their own projects. 

Levels Of Service – The 10k Challenge offers 3 levels of service; Explorer, Adventurer & Trail-Blazer. 

Additional Services – further training programs, consulting, coaching, mentoring and marketing services delivered by Company that the Artist 

Rocket Fuel – crowdfunding platform owned and operated by company at rocketfuelhq.com designed for Artist’s to use. 

Learning Platform – website containing training videos, resources and links to facilitate Service. 

Unlocking – Artists gain access to Additional Services by reaching pre-determined milestones with the crowdfunding on Rocket Fuel. Details of the Additional Services are outlined in section F. – Schedule Of Services

Supporters – People purchasing products, making donations and signing up for subscriptions through Rocket Fuel to support the Artist 

B. Key Points 

  • Artists selects one of 3 levels of Service. Each Level Of Service offers specific services for Artists. 
  • Artists gain immediate access to Learning Platform and sequence of emails to aid their progress with the Service
  • Artists will not be charged anything initially, but must sign up with a credit card or debit card to allow Company to take payment for the Service in the event they do not follow the steps outlined in section E9 of the Terms & Conditions. 
  • Artists can avoid having to pay for the Service, if they follow the steps advertised and outlined in section E9 of the Terms & Conditions and fill out the form in section 10 after completing these steps.
  • An automatic payment will be taken from the Artists card on day 45 if they have failed to follow the steps outlined in section E9
  • Artists will set up a profile and project on Rocket Fuel and seek support from their audience
  • Funds raised through Rocket Fuel will be split 50/50 between Artist and Company
  • Funds received by Company will unlock Additional Services as outlined in the Shedule of Services (section E)

C. Background

Company is an established service provider offering Artists a range of professional services including training, mentoring, crowdfunding, and marketing. 

This Service is called The 10k Challenge. 

Artist is interested in this Service, the Addtional Services, along with the opportunity to raise funds for their own projects.

When signing up for the 10k Challenge Artists can chose one of three Level of Service. This is the total cost of the Service 

  • £99 – Explorer
  • £249 – Adventurer 
  • £999 – Trail-Blazer 

The subscription and access to the training last 12 months. There are no recurring payments. 

Artists opting for the Explorer level will have access to Service.

Artists opting for the Adventurer level will have access to Service and Inner Circle program (including a 1 hour Zoom event hosted by Company).

Artists opting for the Trail-Blazer level will have access to Service, Inner Circle program (including a 1 hour Zoom event hosted by Company) and one-to-one Rocket Fuel support meetings over Zoom with team members at Company. 

Artists will not be charged initially for these services but agree that a payment can be taken automatically from their credit or debit card 45 days after signing up in the event that they have failed to complete the Rocket Fuel Academy program, or failed to publicly launch their Rocket Fuel mission by following the steps outlined in point 9 of this agreement.

Artists must fill in the 10k Challenge Fee Waiver Form to request that their payment is not taken after completing the steps outlined in section 9 and within 40 days of their sign up. 

Artists gain 12 month’s access to Service when signing up. Artists will not be charged annually for this subscription as the service lasts for 12 months. 

Artists must have internet access, a device (computer, smartphone or tablet) and email account to engage with the services. 

D. Overview Of Service 

Service is an interactive training program offering Artists email training, several hours of video content, interactive learning through a Learning Platform with dozens of lessons, email support, access to a social media group, and access to the Rocket Fuel crowdfunding platform. Value is delivered through all of these channels along with recommended action steps delivered to the Artist. The purpose of this is to help Artists launch a mission on the Rocket Fuel platform offering products and rewards (not equity) to people who are interested in their music, in return for supporters purchasing products and services or making donations. 

Artist’s gain access to Rocket Fuel Academy immediately when signing up for the Service.

The Driving Seat Program and The Jigsaw Program are interactive learning experiences offering Artists email training, several hours of video content, interactive learning through a Learning Management System with dozens of lessons, email support, access to a social media group and course materials for them to fill in online.

Marketing Map Mentoring and Storm 5 Sessions are delivered by Company and offer the Artist consulting, coaching and mentoring sessions remotely. These sessions are booked in by the Artist via an online booking page and take place on Zoom. During these sessions the Artist client and the Company may agree for time to be allocated on other projects with may include research, graphic design, video production, representation, social media management, web-development, copywriting, planning and organising activities, attending meetings, travelling to meetings, speaking on the phone, responding to emails and direct messages, and other services that might be typical for a publicist or music management company to deliver. 

With consulting, coaching and mentoring, Company tracks time via online systems. Artists can request to review detailed information on time spent on projects. Reporting on this by the Company will be tracked. If an Artist also requires a breakdown of time spent on their project after using up all allocated time, a detailed report can be compiled by Company for a one-time fee of £75 which must be paid in advance of the report being compiled. Time is tracked by each team member of Company so Artists should expect to have 2 hours of their service used up if conducting a 1 hour meeting with 2 team members, the Company will only recommend meetings with more than one team member when necessary and is committed to proactively using time due to Artists responsibility with a duty of care whilst focussing on agreed activities. 

Artists agree that the first hour of Marketing Map Mentoring / Storm 5 Sessions service will be a 60 minute Alignment Video Meeting via to discuss aims and objectives for the service. This time for this meeting is tracked as is an integral part of the service. If the Artist has unlocked 21 hours of service, they will have 20 hours remaining after the Alignment Meeting. 

E. Terms & Conditions 

1. Warrantees

  1. The Artist Warrants 
  • That they have watched explanation videos, read through details, and has understood the nature of the arrangement.
  • They are legally allowed to take part in the 10k Challenge.
  • That they have read and understood the key points, terms & conditions and sought legal counsel if they are unsure about any of the terms.
  • They understand that the administration involved in joining the 10k Challenge is a sizeable undertaking for Company

2. Rocket Fuel Terms 

  1. Artists will be bound by the website terms & conditions when signing up for Rocket Fuel. These can be found at rocketfuelhq.com when creating an account. 

2.1. Artists must be able to get an account with Stripe.com in order to participate in the 10k Challenge and to use Rocket Fuel. Artists will be subject to terms and conditions set out by Stripe. 

3. Services 

3.1.1. Company will charge an application fee of 50% for all income generated through Rocket Fuel. All funds received by Company will go towards Addtional Services advertised to the Artist in section F. – Schedule of Services. 

3.1.2 Additional Services will only be unlocked once the full price of a program or unit (1 hour) is covered. Artists are not entitled to services or refunds for partially funded programs. Company reserves the right to retain funds collected in part, with any concessionary offers for services being at the sole discretion of Company. 

3.1.3. Rocket Fuel Academy is a training program given to all Artists signing up for 10k Challenge. The training and program is run via emails, teaching content, social media groups and a learning platform. Artists who open emails, watch teaching content, join social media groups or sign up for the learning platform are deemed to be engaging with the Service and receiving value, regardless of whether they complete all of the steps outlined in the program.

3.2. Company will only deliver services that have been unlocked through achieving advertised level of funding with the exeption of the Rocket Fuel Academy, which is given upfront by Company in good faith that Artists will engage with the training. Company will then take the agreed fee for the Rocket Fuel Academy in the event that funds are generated through Rocket Fuel. The fee will be taken automatically via Rocket Fuel through application fees charged by the payment processor, Stripe. Artists will not have to pay for the Rocket Fuel Academy in the event they do not raise any funds. 

3.3. Artists will retain their 50% of funds raised. This money will be paid over to the Artist via Stripe.com. Artists can see balances due and delivery dates of payments through Stripe. Artists should speak directly to Stripe.com regarding anything to do with their account. Company does not hold funds raised via the Rocket Fuel Platform that are due to the Artist. 

3.4 The Artist cannot request funds received by the Company to be refunded to the Artist, allocated to other service providers, put towards different services, or re-routed elsewhere. If the Artist does not wish to engage with the services, Company is entitled to retain all revenues collected. 

3.5 Company will advise via email if the Schedule Of Services (as details in section F) changes. Artists have 14 days to request delivery of original services if they are unhappy with the revised schedule. 

3.6. Artists must engage with the Addtional Services offered within 500 days of signing up for The 10K Challenge. Company will not be expected to deliver Addtional Services after this date on account of Artist being unresponsive, unavailable or unwilling to engage in the Addtional Services. In the event of disengagement from the Artist, Company will retain the revenues it has received and may opt to deliver alternative services at its discretion. 

3.7. Company cannot guarantee any results for Artists when it comes to raising funds. Case studies and testimonials from other Artists are for illustrative purposes and Company is not responsible for the performance of the Artist. 

3.8. Artists must deliver all promised products and rewards to Supporters. In the event that the Artist fails to deliver any products or that the supporter (the personal purchasing a product or reward) requests a refund from the Artist, under no circumstances shall Company be responsible for issuing a refund to the supporter. If the Artist issues a refund and causes the application fee to be reversed, Company will be entitled to invoice the Artist for the full amount taken.

3.9. Whilst there is 12 month’s access to the Rocket Fuel Academy, Artists receive the full value of the training immediately. Partial refunds will not be offered in the event that an Artist decides that they don’t want access to the program at a later date. 

4. Payment Processing

4.1. Artists must sign up for Service with their credit or debit card. No payment will be taken initially. Company will automatically take payment of £99, £249 or £999 depending upon the Level Of Service requested by Artists (without further written notice) after day 45 if the Artist has failed to complete the steps in section 9.

4.2 When using Rocket Fuel, Artists will be charged payment processing fees from Stripe which typically start from 1.4% of the transaction fee. Full details can be found at https://stripe.com/pricing

5. Funds Received By Company

5. Company will only receive 50% share of revenues generated through Rocket Fuel. The Company is not entitled to any other revenue sources from the Artist.

5.1 In the event that Artists pay their sign-up fee and then later (within 6 months of signing up) launches their Rocket Fuel Mission successfully (where funding covers the cost of the Rocket Fuel Academy), the Artist will be entitled to additional Marketing Map Services / Storm 5 Sessions calculated at £75/hour. For example, an Artist signing up for the Adventurer level (£249) would unlock 3 hours and 20 minutes of time in this instance. 

6. Non-exclusivity 

6.1 By joining The 10K Challenge this does not constitute an exclusive agreement. Artists are free to work with other companies

7. Complaint Procedure

7.1 Artists are under no obligation to comply with requests from Company relating to the promotion of their Rocket Fuel Mission.

7.2. If the Artist has been unable to resolve an issue, they should email [email protected] with the subject line ‘Resolution Request’. Company will respond within 7 days. 

8. Cooling-Off Period 

8.1 The Artist acknowledges that they have read the terms and conditions, had to tick acceptance of these conditions, and will receive an email with the full terms and conditions attached. 

8.2. The Artist accepts that if they have not received email confirmation including the full terms and conditions that they must contact [email protected] within 48 hours of signing up to request these to be resent. The duration of the cooling off period, as outlined in 8.3, will only start again upon receipt of this email in the event that Company has received email within 48 hours of sign-up. 

8.3.1 Artists have a cooling off period in which they can request to opt-out of The 10K Challenge with no penalty if they have failed to engage with the training content through emails, our online platform or video content. This period is 14 days from the date of signing up for Artists in UK, EU and rest of the world, and 72-hours for Artists in the USA. Artists must complete the Opt-Out Form herehttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdu8htlDjE6TQxIWP_pV3DpUluuQdj2Rt3Per2uDm5dgAe4Jg/viewform

8.3.2 Artists will receive confirmation of whether or not they can opt-out via email within 7 days. In the event the Artist has not heard back within 7 days, they should email [email protected] and use the subject line ‘10K Challenge Withdrawl’.
Artists who can legitimately opt-out will not be charged anything for their sign-up fee. 

8.3.3. Artists who have opened emails containing training materials, clicked on training material links, signed up to our learning platform or join a social media group are deemed to have engaged with the training, and are therefore ineligible to request to withdraw. The Artist acknowledges that they forfeit their right to cancellation by engaging in any way with the Rocket Fuel Academy materials or service.

8.3.4. The Artist grants Company consent to issue digital content immediately after signing up.  

9. Artist Obligations

9.1 The Artist agrees to launch their Rocket Fuel Mission within 30 days of signing up. 

9.2 Artistsmust create a personal pitch video lasting more than 60 seconds, create a store with at least ten  products (physical, email, digital) and promote the launch of their mission by posting on all of their social media channels daily for a minimum of 7 days and more than 30 personal messages to potential supporters. 

9.3 The Artist Must work through the Rocket Fuel Academy 7 Day Set-Up training program and ticked the ‘Mark Complete’ button on Days 1-7. 

9.4 Failure to launch or show clear evidence of promotion of their mission will mean the artist is charged for the respective Service (£99, £249 or £999) dependent upon which Level Of Service the Artist has signed up to.

10. Cancellation Of Service Sign-Up Fee

10.1 If the Artist sets up their mission and promotes it in line with the requirements in section E9, there will be no charge for the training, even in the unlikely even that the Artist received no support through Rocket Fuel. 

10.1.1 To avoid being charged, Artists must complete this form after they have completed the steps in section E9 and within 40 days of signing up to The 10K Challenge to request the cancellation of the payment. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfNktjRb4SBHdhBzQWWly5i59avPPJt07C9fIHPL1K-1e4_1Q/viewform

10.1.2 If the Artist fails to complete the steps in section E9 and/or fails to complete the form, a payment will be taken 45 days after their sign up date. 

10.1.3 Artists should email [email protected] in the event that this form is not working and request an updated link. If there any issues with email communication, Artists should call Company on +44(0)1905 570 353

10.1.4 Company is not responsible to remind Artists of their responsibilities but will send an automated email reminder 27 days after the Artist signs up to remind the Artist of what’s required to request cancellation of the Service Sign-Up fee. 

10.2. Artists must sign up with a valid credit or debit card to enable Company to take payment if they fail to launch. Payment will be taken automatically by Company in this instance. 

10.3 Company will not refund Artists who have been legitimately charged for the Service Sign-Up fee. Artists cannot request refunds on the basis that they have changed their mind, decided they didn’t want to do it, didn’t like the experience, had an unexpected change of circumstance, didn’t like the training, got offended, missed reminders or had emails go into their spam folder. 

10.4.1 Company will accept refund requests from Artists who have been unable to access the Learning Platform or Rocket Fuel Platform for more than 5 days in total (within the first 40 days) due to issues relating to a platform not working. In this instance, Artist must collect video evidence of issues. 

10.4.2 Company will accept refund requests from Artists who have not heard back from Company relating to support and set-up issues after making reasonable efforts to communicate. Reasonable efforts must involve allowing the Artist Manager three working days to respond via email, then contacting [email protected] and allowing one working day to respond, then calling +44(0)1905 570 353 and allowing one working day to respond. Artists should not call Company before attempting email communication as set out. 

11. Additional Services  

11. 1 Artists will not be charged for Additional Services relating to The 10K Challenge unless agreed otherwise directly with Company. 

11.2. Artists are not expected to pay for Addtional Services that are partially funded through their crowdfunding campaign on Rocket Fuel 

12. Liability 

12.1 Company and Partners are not liable for any commercial losses relating to advice given in sessions or through The 10K Challenge and Artists agree they have no right to pursue refunds or damages from advice given.

12.2. Nothing in these Terms will restrict Company’s liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence, or for any other liability that cannot be limited or excluded by law.

12.3. Company will not be liable for any claims, damages or demands arising from disputes with Supporters and Artists.

12.4. Company will perform with reasonable skill and care and will use reasonable endeavours to address issues that arise, of which we are reasonably aware

12.5. Company cannot make assurances about the availability of our website or any services made available through it and disclaim all liability associated with any technical issues that may arise.

12.6. Company will not be responsible for any loss incurred by you as a result of you breaching these Terms.

12.7. Company shall not be liable to you as a result of any delay or failure to perform its obligations as a result of a Force Majeure Event. Force Majeure Event means an event beyond the reasonable control of Company including but not limited to strikes, lock-outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of the party or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of suppliers or subcontractors.

12.8. Rocket Fuel shall under no circumstances whatever be liable to Supporters or Artists, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, for any loss of profit, or any indirect or consequential loss arising under or in connection with our obligations under these Terms.

12.9. Rocket Fuel’s total liability in respect of all other losses arising, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty, or otherwise, shall in no circumstances exceed £100.

12.10. Rocket Fuel cannot make assurances regarding the performance of our online payment provider.

13. Indemnity

13.1. Artists agree to use our service in accordance with these Terms. Artists agree that they will compensate Company (and our employees) absolutely for any losses, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees we incur that arise out of:

13.2. any breach by Artist of these Terms;

13.3. any liability Company incurs as a result of Artists use of our websites

14. Exclusion of third party rights

14.1. Other than set out in these Terms, a person who is not a party to the agreement shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

15. Severability

15.1. If a court or any other competent authority finds that any provision of these Terms (or part of any clause) is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that clause or part-clause shall, to the extent required, be deemed deleted, and the validity and enforceability of the other clauses shall not be affected

15.2. If any invalid, unenforceable or illegal clause of the Terms would be valid, enforceable and legal if some part of it were deleted, the clause shall apply with the minimum modification necessary to make it legal, valid and enforceable.

16. Governing law and jurisdiction

16.1. The exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of these Terms will be dealt with in England and Wales under English law.

17. Storing your data

17.1. We store and process your data based on the contract formed when you make your booking, and in line with the General Data Protection Rules (2018).

17.2. We securely process and store data in order to enable us to process your payment, fulfill the services we offer, send you your confirmation details, and help us to contact you urgently if there are any problems. We also use your details to enable website functionality including payment history and General Member area logins.

17.3. We retain your data only as long as is necessary to provide the aforementioned service and functionality. We will remove or redact personal data if you request erasure of your data, as is your right, by contacting us on [email protected].

18. About this document

18.1 This document was last updated 31st March 2022. We reserve the right to update this document without notice.

F. Schedule Of Services 

Dependepent upon the amount of funds raised, Artists can gain access to the following Schedule Of Services. 

The schedule of services is as follows 

  • 1,000 (£/$/€) funded will give Company 500 (£/$/€) and will cover the costs of The Rocket Fuel Academy 
  • 2,500 (£/$/€) funded will give Company 1,250 (£/$/€) and unlock The Driving Seat Program
  • 4,000 (£/$/€) funded will give Company 2,000 (£/$/€) and unlock The Jigsaw Program
  • Further funding (over 4,000 £/$/€) will unlock a unit of consulting time for the Marketing Map service and the Storm 5 Sessions at the rate of £75 per hour (including local tax where applicable) 

The Rocket Fuel Academy, The Driving Seat Program and The Jigsaw Program are hosted on the Learning Platform. Programs typically consists of video materials, learning resources, social media group access, electronic course books, assignments, email sequences and email support for technical matters. In some instances, programs include some 1-2-1 review meetings and marking of assignments. 

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