Build Your Business ‘If They Come’


Build Your Business If They Come

A surefire way to waste a lot of time and money is to believe the lies that you should Build It, And They’ll Come

What if they don’t turn up to your show, buy your product or sign up for your service?

In so many industries, the internet has made it possible for all of your competitors to target the same people you’re trying to reach. 

My friend Steve taught me a valuable lesson.

When he was running his e-learning platform they wouldn’t produce the program before they’d sold the course. It might sound crazy to some people to pre-sell something that hasn’t been made already, however, producing the program is not all that difficult as long as you have a process you can trust. 

Let’s imagine that you’re creating an online course. You want it to be amazing because you know that people expect the best, and that’s what you want to deliver.

So you plan out all of your content, hire a venue and videographer and then start painstakingly editing the content to build a brilliant program. You spend $1000 on the content and 100’s of hours of your precious time crafting the creative offering. 

Because you’re invested in the process, you believe that it’s going to be a success, afterall, you think it’s amazing and know just how much value it contains. 

However, when you launch it, nobody cares. There is no shortage of free content on YouTube and the title of your program has failed to inspire people to click on the adverts you’re running.

You’ve built it, but nobody came.

It would have made a lot more sense to run some preliminary ads to see if you could fill a waiting list, sign up a handful of consulting clients or get downloads of a 5-page report on your key topic. 

If you know there is really a demand and how to get people interested, it’s time to start building. 

Before creating a fully-fledged online learning experience for The Wall, I created a version of our infographic and shared it with a few people to gauge their interest. Due to the positive noises people were making, I decided to write this book and consolidate my thoughts in more detail.

Proving demand for this as a free give-away, lead magnet or low-level product gave me the confidence to invest time, energy and money into creating further content for a course and consulting program. 

The principle of Build It If They Come will enable you to Scale The Wall successfully so that you can save time and money. With the time and money you’ve saved, you can reinvest those resources and in turn, make more time and money. 

I’d love to help you dive deeper into all of this by downloading the Ebook ‘Make More Time for what matters most’. You won’t be wasting your time reading through this!