How To Take Your Music To The Next Level

You may have heard this phrase before or even said it yourself when someone asked you for a list of your artistic goals

But how do you ‘take your music to the next level’?

Before I try to help you with this, let’s unravel an idea that might help you to see things more clearly. 


For many artists, their approach is a bit noodle-like. With a heaped serving of noodles, everything is mingled together and it’s nearly impossible to see where one piece ends and another begins. I’d like to invite you to look at things in a more waffle-like formation. If you can organize and compartmentalize, with a more solid structure your chances of success are going to increase significantly.

When it comes to reaching the next level, I’d like to encourage you to break your journey down into 5 M’s

  • Mission
  • Mindset
  • Music 
  • Marketing
  • Money 

You can also gain a sense of where you are with the 5-artists.

  • Star-Gazer (watching)
  • Explorer (training)
  • Adventurer (competing)
  • Trail-Blazer (winning)
  • Voyager (champion)

Let’s start with MISSION by asking the simple question ‘How clear are your goals?’  If you’re vague, unsure, and afraid to articulate specifics, you are in Star-Gazer territory. If, however, you have discovered your purpose and written business plan with your goals broken down into measurable outcomes and milestones, you’re on the path of a Voyager

When it comes to MINDSET, if you’re carrying around a sense of entitlement and are consistently confused by what to do, you may struggle to move beyond the Explorer stage. If you’re aware of your strengths and struggles and have identified the keys you need to succeed, you’re a Trail-Blazer

Now you’re seeing the best way to make progress. You need to commit to stepping up to the next level across each of the 5 areas.

If you want help working out the specific steps you need to take, our Driving Seat program offers the tools, the training, and the team you need. When working with artists we begin by identifying where they are at and what action steps will enable the artist to progress in each area. 


Teamwork makes the dream work.

I have a resource that can help you go from Star-Gazer to Voyager – The Marketing Map E-Book.