Time Optimization. The Optimist vs The Pessimist.


There are two types of people in this world, The Time Optimists and The Time Pessimists. 

Time Optimists believe that they can get a thousand things accomplished each and every day. They show up to team meetings with impressive and exciting plans, after all, anything and everything is possible. Full of ideas and energy, they start off the day with the best intentions but often end up in two compromised situations.

The first situation is having to work late. Having promised their client delivery of an incomplete project, the Optimist is cancelling family plans to meet their self-imposed work deadline. This causes stress and friction at home, neatly piled on top of mounting pressures at work.

The second situation arises when the Optimist refuses to work late. They clock out on time leaving colleagues to pick up the pieces with the client or rush important work at the expense of the company’s reputation. 

Time Pessimists on the other hand will underestimate what they can achieve with the hours they have allotted. They are rarely the first person to volunteer for an added responsibility and have mastered the art of the diplomatic ‘no’. Time Pessimists want to remain focused on their areas of specialism. These people aren’t lazy, they just want to do a good job and avoid unwanted chaos. 

They have a tendency to underestimate what their team can achieve and can create a culture of people coasting along. They clock out precisely on time with a neat and tidy desk whilst the Time Optimists left in the office try to push projects and sales over the line. 


Which way are you currently leaning?


The aim of this resource is to help you become a Time Realist.
The Realist is the midpoint between the two extremes.
They create workable plans, get the job done and stretch themselves without over-stretching. They enjoy a work-life balance that is the envy of Optimists and Pessimists alike.


As a recovering workaholic, I am by nature a Time Optimist. I am grateful for the Time Pessimists and Realists I’ve worked with over the years, as a team full of Optimists can be a recipe for disaster. Over the past two decades, I’ve learned a number of invaluable lessons that have helped me to move from the extremes of Time Optimism and into a place of Time Realism. 

I’m going to share these lessons with you so that you can make more time for what matters most.

We have an online course called the The Jigsaw which will help you slot those puzzle pieces together when it comes to time management and developing your business.

I would like to share this FREE resource with you, the Make More Time E-Book, which is going to change the way you manage your time and your business