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Ones time, money, and dreams can evaporate so easily. 

2020 was an unpredictable year to say the least. 

I got to work on planning out how to launch my new online learning experiences as a knee-jerk reaction to the pandemic. It felt like I was racing at 100 miles per hour.

I filtered my idea through The Jigsaw, a business planning framework I’d developed in 2017, and went to work on saving the business. 

I didn’t have time to lose. I had bills to pay and was adamant that I didn’t want to let any of my team or contractors lose their jobs. Plus I had one wife and hungry children to feed.

So I made a plan to make this work in 30 days.


We launched our first Online Learning Experience taster in April 2020. I managed to sign up 91 people for a free 14-day trial and 61 people completed the registration. From the 61 who registered, 52 people progressed to the paid program.

I was gobsmacked at how quickly things came together. 

I had over £7,000 in new sales within 30 days with a completely new brand by selling a product at just $150.

Having reflected on how all of this was possible and how I could help other people to change their businesses rapidly, I began working on a Time Optimisation framework called The Wall. 

The framework will help you to be nimble, adaptable, and resilient. When things are going well, you can optimize for better results. When you’re shipwrecked or life throws you a curve ball, you can get back on your feet and fire fast on all cylinders. 


If you’re looking for a way to initiate change, please download my Ebook ‘Make More Time’ and you can learn to Scale The Wall.