Consulting Session Policy

Consulting Session Terms & Cancellation Policy

All sessions should be booked via our Sessions Booking Page at

Clients should receive an email notification and calendar invite for the session, which also contains the video conferencing link. If no link comes through or there are any other issues relating to booking the session please contact

If a client is unable to find a suitable time for their session, they should contact with suggestions for possible times. Please specify your time zone to avoid any confusion. 

Sessions are not recorded unless specifically agreed. Any time spent on coaches and consultants writing out notes, sending videos or compiling resources will be included in the time clocked. If sessions run over the allotted time, minutes may be deducted from the next session.

If clients request additional support in between sessions via email, time may be deducted from the next session. If the coach or consultant feels that more than 15 minutes of time is required to deal with the request the client will be advised of this. 

Clients can cancel and rebook sessions via the links on the Sessions Booking Page at

Clients may cancel or rebook sessions at least 48 hours in advance up to a maximum of 2 times (per session). 

Clients are permitted to cancel up to 10% of their sessions within the 48 hour window in exceptional circumstances. 

If failing to turn up for a session without notice or in the case where clients have cancelled more than 10% of their sessions with less than 48 hours notice, clients accept that they will forfeit the session. The coach or consultant will use the time as they see fit to compile relevant resources or produce materials that they feel will benefit the client. 

Resound Media Ltd. is committed to delivering quality services for all clients. If any client feels that their sessions, coaches or consultants are not delivering quality services, they should email  to request access to a feedback form.